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Tekla Successfully Defends Honor’s Thesis!

Congratulations to Diering lab member Tekla Maisashvili, who recently successfully defended her honor’s thesis! She has worked very hard on her project, “Behavioral and Molecular Changes Following Acute Sleep Deprivation in Juvenile Wild-Type and Shank3 Het Mice”. Here we see Tekla at one of the poster sessions where she presented this excellent research. We will miss her very much when she graduates from UNC this week!

2024 Eclipse!

The Diering Lab took a break from lab meeting to (safely) view the solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024. The path of totality across the United States for this eclipse passed from Texas to New England, and we experienced ~80% totality here in Chapel Hill. The next total solar eclipse in the contiguous United States will not occur until 2044!


Diering Lab Research Featured in Futurum Careers!

Delighted to share an article showcasing our very own Dr. Shenee Martin’s research linking sleep and Alzheimer’s disease on Futurum Careers!

This article was produced by Futurum Careers, a free online resource and magazine aimed at encouraging 14-19-year-olds worldwide to pursue careers in science, tech, engineering, maths, medicine (STEM) and social sciences, humanities and the arts for people and the economy (SHAPE). For more information, teaching resources, and course and career guides, see

Society for Neuroscience 2023!

The Diering Lab was well-represented at the Society for Neuroscience conference in Washington, D.C. in November 2023! It was an honor to learn about and contribute to the wide range of cutting-edge neuroscience research. Lab members presented three research posters (pictured: Dr. Shenee Martin/Kylie Joyce, Sean Gay, Sawyer Grizzard).


Thank you Daniel!

Members of the lab recently enjoyed live music at Carolina Inn for the Fridays on the Front Porch event – and also took this time to say farewell to our undergraduate summer intern, Daniel Araya. We want to thank Daniel for all of his hard work, and wish him the best as he enters his senior year!

Congratulations Shenée!

On April 11th, 2023, our very own Shenée Martin successfully defended her dissertation titled “The consequences of sleep disruption in Alzheimer’s disease progression and treatment.” This is an enormous accomplishment both for the newly-minted Dr. Martin, as well as for the Diering Lab, as Shenée was one of the first to join the lab! We are all extremely proud of her, and have no doubt that Shenée will continue to do great things moving forward.

Congratulations Kylie!

Kylie Joyce, an undergraduate technician in our lab, successfully defended her honor’s thesis titled “An Analysis of Synaptic Changes in PS19 Mice and Homeostatic Sleep Drive and Inflammatory Pathology in 5xFAD Mice” on March 31st, 2023. Coincidentally, this was also her birthday! Kylie is an excellent member of the Diering Lab, and we are all excited for her return to the lab after she graduates this spring!

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